Sr. No Class Intake Capacity
1 B.A.  
2 B.Sc.  
3 B.Com.  
4 M.A. Marathi  

Following courses and research centers are available:

 Distance Courses:
1)  B.A. Three year course of Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nasik .

2) M.A. Two year course of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded.

Research Centers:
Two approved research centers in the subject of Botany and Physics.

 Following Groups are available in college.

Grouping For B.A.:

  • Compulsory: English
  • Second Language: Marathi/Hindi
  • Three optional Subject (Select any one group)
  • Marathi / Hindi, English, Sociology.
  • Marathi / Hindi, English, Political Science.
  • Marathi / Hindi, English, Economics.
  • Marathi / Hindi, English, History.
  • Marathi / Hindi, Sociology, Political Science.
  • Marathi / Hindi, Sociology, Economics.
  • Marathi / Hindi, Political Science, History.
  • Marathi / Hindi, Political Economics.
  • Marathi / Hindi, History, Political Science.
  • English, Sociology, Political Science.
  • English, History, Political Science
  • English, Economics, History.
  • English, Sociology, Economics.
  • Economics, Sociology, Political Science.
  • History, Economics, Political Science.
  • Grouping for B.Sc.
  • Compulsory- English
  • Second Language- Marathi/Hindi
  • Three optional Subject (Select any one group)
  • Physics/ Chemistry /Mathematics
  • Botany/Zoology/Chemistry
  • Grouping for B.Com.
  • Compulsory- English
  • Second Language- Marathi/Hindi.
  • Y.- Four papers are compulsory and one paper is elective as per university curriculum.
  • Y. -Six papers are compulsory as per university curriculum.
  • Y.- Four papers are compulsory and six groups as elective as per university curriculum.

Note: As per the new curriculum of University, CBCS pattern is implemented from academic year 2016-17. Students should choose one skill course SEC-I/II for second year U.G. from year 2017-18 and from 2018-19 for T.Y. classes.