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Shri Shivaji Mofat Education Society:

For hundreds of year Marathwada was under injustice and ill treatment of the Nizam of Hydrabad. During the rule of Nizam educational facilities were insufficient. Students has to move to district place for matriculation and leave for Aurangabad, Hydrabad, Pune, Amravati and etc. for higher education. At the Tahshil level of Kandhar only primary education was provided and that too in Urdu medium leads to cultural slavery again.

In such a critical situation the founder and administrator of our institute honorable Dr. Bhai Keshavraoji Dhondge [ Ex MP, MLA, Freedom fighter, Vikas Ratna] has to face innumerable difficulties in his educational career. Dr. Bhai Keshavraoji Dhondge is a social worker, prominent writer, thinker, Chief editor, of “Jaykranti” and politician who always inspired and guided the peoples in this area. Such a dynamic personality is inspired and guided the peoples in this area. Such a dynamic personality is inspired and supported by his mother, Matoshri Muktai Dhondge, who sent him to Nanded, Ambajogai, Amravati, Aurangabad, and Pune for higher education.

Dr. Bhai Keshavraoji Dhondge underwent many bitter experiences so he resolved to contribute his share to social and educational betterment of Marathwada. He was patriotic sense in this educational enterprise. He wanted to achieve the goal, “for the betterment and prosperity of deprived ““ Vidhya Hech Jivan Avidhya Hech Maran “ was his prime motive. So Dr. Bhai Keshavraoji Dhondge constituted Shri Shivaji Mofat Education Society at Kandhar on occasion “Shivajaynti”, (the birth anniversary of Shivaji Maharaj) in 1948. This education society was established at Gaul, a small village of Kandhar Tahsil and named after great Maratha ruler Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as a Shivaji Mofat Education Society Kandhar District Nanded (M. S.). The education Society runs various colleges and Schools at different places in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state. Shri Sant Gadge Maharaj Mahavidyalaya Loha, tq. Loha District Nanded (M. S.) is one of the senior college is established by society in year 1989.


Sr. No. Name Designation Other
1 Hon’ble Dr. Bhai Keshavraoji Dhondge Saheb Founder and Administrator Ex. M.P. and M.L.A., Senior Freedom Fighter


Institutions run under Shri Shivaji Mofat Education are:

  1. Shri Shivaji College of Arts, Commerce and science Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  2. Shri Shivaji Law College, Panchalpur Nagar, Veer Nagoji Naik Chowk, Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  3. Shri Shivaji Secondary and Higher Secondary School(Marathi/Urdu), Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  4. Shri Shivaji Vidya Mandir, Hatiapura, Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  5. Shri Shivaji Secondary and Higher Secondary School, Kurala Tq. Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  6. Shri Shivaji High School Digras, Tq. Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  7. Shri Shivaji Secondary and Higher Secondary School Barul Tq.Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  8. Shri Shivaji Primary School Halda Tq. Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  9. Shri Shivaji Secondary and Higher Secondary School Halda, Tq. Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  10. Shri Shivaji Secondary and Higher Secondary School Sonkhed, Tq. Loha, Dist. Nanded
  11. Shri Shivaji Secondary and Higher Secondary School Maniknagar Nanded Dist. Nanded.
  12. Shri Shivaji Secondary and Higher Secondary School, Aurangabad. Dist. Aurangabad.
  13. Shri Shivaji Kanya Shala, Aurangabad. (M. S.)
  14. Shri Shivaji Primary School, Aurangaad. (M. S.)
  15. Shri Shivaji Primary School, Vazirabad Nanded, Dist. Nanded.
  16. Shri Sant Gadge Maharaj Primary School, Loha Dist. Nanded.
  17. Shri Sant Gadge Maharaj Secondary and Higher Secondary School, Loha, Dist. Nanded.
  18. Mahatma Jyoti Phule Dalit Vidyarthi Vasrigruha, Kandhar Dist. Nanded.
  19. Shri Shivaji Urdu Primary school. Mukhed, Dist. Nanded.
  20. Shri Shivaji Vidya Mandir Primary School, Kandhar. Dist. Nanded.
  21. Magdumiya Urdu Primary School, Hataipura Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
  22. Shri Shivaji Primary School Kurula, Tq. Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.

Our Institut started  52 Primary School in various small villages and tandas (Small Habitancies)out of them 32 Schools are approved by the Government of Maharashtra.