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Following Scholarships and Freeships are available for deserving students.

Government Freeships

  1. Students of EBC / PTC / STC Category.
  2. Students of reservation category and the repeater students of SC / NT / DNT / VJNT / SBC /OBC categories
  3. ST Student Freeships.

Government Scholarships

  1. Open merit scholarship
  2. National merit scholarship
  3. GOI scholarship to the students of SC / ST/ DNT/ NT / VJNT / SBC / OBC Category
  4. Physically handicapped students (above 40% defect)
  5. Wards of Defence Ex-Serviceman
  6. Eklavya Scholarship for P.G. students scoring 60% marks or above at U.G. degree level.

Facilities to Ward of Primary and Secondary School Teachers

To get this facility the student’s mother or father should be a primary, secondary or higher secondary teacher as per the norms. Those who work as part time or full time teachers but do not get pay-scale of teacher, their wards will not be given this facility. Similarly the student should have secured at least 45% marks in the last examination to avail this facility.